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Saying Something opens 2pm Saturday 12th August

aka 17

Come and join us for the opening of Saying Something 2pm Saturday 12th August. Saying Something draws upon the force and validity of the printed image in terms of mass communication as the historical basis from which...  Read More

Blackstack Studio at St Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny

Blackstack Studio has created a body of work to be displayed in St. Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny. The Official launch is Thursday at 5pm. Read More....

Blackstack Studio Bursary Winner 2017

bursary winner 2017

Blackstack Studio is delighted to announce that Sandra McAllister has been selected for the 2017 Student Bursary Award. Sandra graduated this month from Grennan Mill Craft School.... Read More

New Online Shop For Blackstack Studio

You can now buy prints from Blackstack Studio Online.   .....  Read More.