Print of the Month for December


December’s Print of the Month is by Frank Rafter
















What’s the background to this print?

This is called Toothopia and is the first of a projected series of six which will feature teeth and town and various landscapes. I suppose I would have to own up and admit to a misspent youth…and middle age… as a dentist, and anyone giving advice will say that one should make art from what one knows.


Tell us a little about the technique you used to make this print?

The plate for this is approximately A4 and has been line-etched first. Then it was aquatinted and finally was etched using soap- or white-ground. This last technique is particularly good for variegation and texture. I hope in the other prints of the series to introduce other techniques such as spit-bite or sugar lift.


What do you love about print?

When I returned to the world of art I fully expected that I would be painting but drawing is very important to me so when I discovered printmaking I found that two things I really liked worked together extremely well and the processes of printmaking gibe very well with my past life as a dentist with its finicky little movements. The other thing that is so fascinating about print is the vast array of techniques available to produce images is utterly amazing.


Which print/artwork would you love to own?

To select a print or artwork I would like to own is close to impossible. For example I would love to have a small (or even a big!) Henry Moore or a Giacometti. There again would a print by Albrecht Durer or a painting by Paul Klee not be a wonderful thing to have. Ultimately though, when thinking of the reasonably accessible I would love to have one of Norman Ackroyd’s exquisite aquatints of the rocky west coast of Scotland or Ireland. From when I first saw them they inspired me with a desire to make something along those lines.







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