Woody Farm Fest

The Woody Farm Fest is Ireland’s first off-grid festival, designed to deliver a positive response to climate change challenges.

Music, art, food and sustainability will contribute to the not-for-profit event which has been established to raise money to plant native Irish trees and woodlands on the island of Ireland. It is also the launch of the ‘Party or Die’ event principle of absorbing more carbon than an event emits, delivering a positive climate change outcome.  More details below…….

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It is a collaboration of like-minded individuals who want to help combat the climate crisis and create much needed habitat for wildlife. It’s about exploring positive climate change solutions that can be implemented from the ground up. It’s about bringing people together to rejoice in our right to assemble and to educate ourselves on the pressing topics that challenge the existence of Mother Earth, our house, the ecosystem which supports all living organisms. Quoting the inspirational Greta Thunberg “Our house is on fire”. What are we going to do? Watch it burn? or get out there and implement positive change?

Please join us on Woolengrange Farm for a spectacular solar powered one-day event promoting environmental awareness whilst having the craic! It will be a full day of entertainment with live musicians and DJs, locally sourced home-grown food, solution focused environmental discussions, eco farm walk and talk, renewable energy demonstrations, permaculture gardens and art gallery auction.

It’s going to need a big effort to plant enough trees to take all of that carbon back out of the sky. So you’d better party hard – or we’re all going to die!

This is an invite only ticketed event so please register online and pick up your ticket here.













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