Frank Rafter




In brief

Frank studied Fine Art, Printmaking at Limerick School of Art and Design(LSAD) as a mature student taking his degree in 2016 having previously completed a year-long PLC course in art with PJ O’Connell in Coláiste Mhuire Thurles. He now works from his studio.

A bit more detail

Frank’s present work reflects his past life focusing on objects that have played a large part in that life. This requires some explanation.

While art has been a central preoccupation for most of his life, circumstances dictated that he worked as a dentist for many years, all the while drawing and pursuing the study of art though reading, gallery visits throughout the world and conversation with friends in the art world.

Post-dentistry and post-PLC, he was urged to attend art school and during that period his perception of what constituted art evolved and he was drawn to printmaking.

Having spent four years developing and expanding his concept of edge, surface and the space between together with the continual wear and erosion that constantly changes the relation these surfaces and edges have to one another, he has applied his conclusions to the world around him particularly his own body and the ground beneath his feet.

This has led to work that has involved plates etched in different ways and the often-abstract images that have derived from them.

More recently the wheel has turned further as was mentioned at the outset with the return of teeth to his imagery – monumental teeth in various landscape settings generally with building constructed in the decayed and eroded surfaces. This series is only in development with the production of drawings and some small etched studies.

In parallel with this he has returned to drawing with the production of several portraits. Eventually this will manifest itself in the print process.

Frank has been involved in several exhibitions over the last ten years, two of which were solo shows: The Source in Thurles, and LIT, Thurles.