Helen Robbins

About My Work                                                                     

My work is informed by the universal and timeless themes of transformation and redemption found in Fairy Tales. Arthur Rackham and Harry Clarke, through their fabulous, vivid and shadowy illustrations, were a strong presence in my childhood. I believe that Fairy Tales contain deep instructions and that we need to hear their meaning. Many of the stories contain instructions that must be followed with precision.

“Fairy Tales seem to be innocent stories, yet they contain profound lessons for those who would dive deep into their meaning….”
(Louise von Franz – cover note).

I have studied in depth the archetypal meaning found in these stories and I work with the visual imagery that arises from them. While working with a particular story, I try to ‘live’ in it and follow its instructions. I often use the triptych format in my work because of its association with the sacred.

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