Jacqueline O’ Neill


Jacqueline’s work explores nature, the landscape and animal forms.  Her focus in recent years has been on exploring the equestrian form. She finds the horse and it’s relationship to humans and it’s movement through our created landscape constantly intriguing. Through her exploration of the equine form she hopes to develop a greater understanding of these elegant, powerful and sensitive creatures.

Drawing is important to Jacqueline and forms a large part of her working methods and she views printmaking as a continuation of this mark making. Working with metal plates or woodblocks can be a very physical process and it is challenging to work within the constraints of the technical processes. But the unpredictability that is inherent in the printmaking process and the sometimes-unexpected images resulting from this, help to create that magical moment of realization when the paper is drawn back from the plate to reveal the newly printed image.

A keen interest in the natural environment has led to the adoption of Acrylic Resist Etching (ARE) technique, which combines the use of new technologies with traditional techniques to produce a safer and less toxic method of producing intaglio prints.