Maeve Coulter


Maeve Coulter trained as a printmaker in the Limerick School of Art and Design and graduated with first class honours in 1997. The following year while studying for a Diploma in Art Education she first began to explore textiles as a fine art medium. She now works in both disciplines, often combining print with fabric and stitch.

She is interested in the notion of making, un-making and re-making, the making processes she chooses and her haptic use of materials are central to the work. She transforms cloth and paper by dyeing, printing, rusting, folding, layering, pleating and stitching. She alludes to themes of order and disorder, ritual and repetition, memory and identity.

Maeve is a co-founder of Blackstack Studio, established in 2011 to promote and facilitate the art of print. She is a member of MADE in Kilkenny, a collective of 30 Kilkenny based craftspeople that work to advocate and foster excellence in authentic handmade craft.