Maeve Coulter

Maeve Coulter trained as a printmaker in the Limerick School of Art and Design and graduated with first class honours in 1997. She later went on to study Art Education at LSAD and more recently Art Textiles at the Crawford College of Art & Design.

She transforms paper and cloth by printing, dyeing, rusting, layering, pleating and stitching. Her haptic approach to materials reflects the ideas she explores. Interested in the notion of making, un-making and re-making, she alludes to themes of perception and distortion, ritual and repetition. Recent works are a return to traditional etching on paper. This process particularly appeals to her, the controlled erosion of a metal plate, finding the various depths and layers that yield the level of darkness or light required to express form and feeling. The black and white pared back imagery represents a moment of reflection on vulnerability and loss.


Maeve is a co-founder and Director of Blackstack Studio. She teaches printmaking at Grennan Mill Craft School in Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny and is a regular tutor with Open Circle Community Arts Collective.