Vicki Cody


Vicki Cody graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art Printmaking 2009. She has exhibited and been a resident artist in Ireland and abroad. She was awarded the Travel and Training Award in 2012. Vicki Cody works in the medium of Printmaking and collage. Her work is made up of a collaboration of sources: although individually incongruent as Victorian illustrations are teamed with pornography cut-outs, together they create a harmony that allows the viewer to look again at the beauty of nature and its infinite truths where you least expect to find it.

‘Transformation is a recurring theme in my practice. Working with collage on paper is the perfect medium as it enables constant transformation. The images I find are sliced up and recombined to form new images with new meaning. The work is strongly influenced by Victorian art and working on paper conveys the frailty that underlies the tragic and romantic themes in my work’