Print Of The Month – Mary Cullen-Kelly

Tradition:  An A/P, Photopolymer Print with watercolour tint

POTM Mary Cullen Kelly

The background to this print:

I like images with a little twist to them.  This image of a dog with landscape and wallpaper surround has the all the elements of an 18th or 19th century painting hanging on a wall in a stately home perhaps – but then you notice the electricity pole.  I prefer images with this type of unexpected detail and also mixing timelines – past and future.

Tell us a little about the technique you used to make this print: 

This is a photopolymer print.  I used ImageON photopolymer film on a plate.  I made an acetate using photos, and exposed the film onto the plate using an exposure unit at the studio.  The film creates a textured surface that can be inked up and printed using an etching press, where the paper is pressed into the plate and lifts the ink from the image.   Lots more detail on this process can be found at

What do you love about print? 

I love lots of things about print – the process, the texture of the ink on the paper, and most of all the magic that happens when you transform an image using a print technique – you never know exactly what you are going to get when you take the plate out of the bath, or the peel the paper after running the print through the press.  For me that’s the beauty of it. 

Which print/artwork would you love to own? 

I think a nice big Lichtenstein print would look well in my kitchen 🙂



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