Print Of The Month For August – Blackstack Studio Boxsets

Back from a 10 day tour around Kilkenny, our 2018 box set has witches and their potions, the excitement of horse racing at Gowran Park and an alternative ‘view of Kilkenny’.

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Read about the ideas and inspirations behind these wonderful prints below:

SYLVIA HEMMINGWAY‘Castle Window’ –  Screenprint

I find myself drawn to old windows, especially ones like the beautiful ones in Kilkenny Castle. They make me think of all the different people who looked through them down through the ages.

Maybe it’s because windows symbolise passage,  a portal allowing you to be transported through space and time. Just imagine, someone looking ………Windows remind us there is an inner and an outer world, and how we see things depends out through that old castle window hundreds of years ago was looking at the same moon you can see now very much on where we stand…….and when we stand there.

NADIA CULLINANE:   ‘Witch Hunt’ –  Linocut

Definition of witch hunt. 1 : a searching out for persecution of persons accused of witchcraft. 2 : the searching out and deliberate harassment of those (such as political opponents) with unpopular views.

“In our global community, when a woman becomes an authoritative figure- it scares the world. She is no longer giving into traditional patriarchal notions of submissiveness, she does not require validation, and subsequently she becomes one of the most feared individuals on the planet. So much value is placed on notions of “modesty” and “ladylikeness” and through gender-role allocation- women who do not fit into the straightjacket of what is considered as “womanly”- are considered as too “feisty” and in need of some taming.”

– Mohadesa Najumi

A.K. LEE‘Kilkenny’ – Handstamped

Anonymous quote from early 1800’s according to ‘Kilkenny, It’s Architecture & History’, edited by Katherine Lanigan & Gerald Tyler.

JACQUELINE O’NEILL: ‘2.45 Gowran Park’ – Etching

Gowran Park Racecourse in County Kilkenny opened on 16th June 1914.  Arkle and Hedgehunter are just two of the notable horses that have run at Gowran over the years.

“The poetics of the racetrack combine with an alliance of beauty, speed and danger in this centuries old sport”

 (Ulrich Raulff)

DAWN WEST: ‘XXX’ –  Collagraph with hand rolled additions

This is my love-letter-treasure-map to Kilkenny.

MAEVE COULTER‘Alice’s Potion’ – Screenprint

The infamous Alice Kyteler inspired this print; she supposedly enthralled her many husbands with brews made from peacock eyes and red roosters.  The circular design alludes to cauldrons and coins, the stylised birds reflect Irish coin designs.  Whatever the real story it was most likely about money.

JOHN BUSHER:  ‘Untitled’ – Lino cut

VICKI CODY: ‘One Cat Too Many’– Screen print

Inspired by the story ‘To fight like a Kilkenny cat’ who fought to the death and ate each other up such that only their tails were left.

MARY CULLEN-KELLY‘Homage to Thomas Cuddihy’ – Linocut

Thomas Cuddihy, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, (1882-1944) built cots, punts and wherries which were part of the rich tradition of boat building, fishing and racing on the Three Sisters Rivers.

FRANK RAFTER:  ‘A View of Kilkenny’Aquatinted etching with spitbite and acetate colour layer

A slightly ironic title for a wall that remained exposed after restoration work on the courthouse; I have never been able to determine the origin of the ”staircase” but it allowed great imaginative possibilities.  I have been photographing and drawing and even painting this “view of Kilkenny” for many years so now it goes into print.

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