Print of the Month for November – Vicki Cody

November’s Print of the Month features the work of Vicki Cody.

print of the month vicki cody

What’s the background to this print?

I first made this image during my masters about 2 years ago. It was made using paper collage. In my work I meld together traditional collage techniques with distortion, turnings things upside down bringing the beautiful and ugly together. Images such as birds, beasts and flora are sliced up and morphed together to create strange hybrids. Paper collage is at the core of my art practice. The collages ultimately take form in other mediums such as textiles and prints. The textile piece of this is quite large about 3 metres long on silk. A few months back I decided to use CMYK process to screen print this image onto paper.

Tell us a little about the technique you used to make this print?

I first scanned the collaged image and then using photoshop separated the CMYK colours into channels, these were then printed off and exposed onto 120 mesh screens. 4 colours were then used.

What do you love about print?

I think print is a special medium. Its origins were initially used as a form of communication for artists to spread their artwork to large numbers of people. I also love the collaborative aspect. Being an artist can be a lonely profession and so being a member of a print studio can be a great way to have a community around you.

Which print/artwork would you love to own?

Albrecht Durers ‘Rhino’





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