Print of the Month for March

The Print of the Month for March is ‘little hut’ by Clara de Frutos

Print of the Month March 2020

What’s the background to this print?

When I started this print, I was kind of in an a “researching/experimenting moment”. I wanted to do an illustrated book using linocut as a technique. I decided to do it about Baba Yaga, as all the stories about this witch from Russian folklore have that dark and ancient mood that suits perfectly with this printmaking technique. I did this illustration as a starting point on the project, after that I did all the research, wrote the story and planned the book, that I’m still working on, and this image will become the cover!

Tell us a little about the technique you used to make this print

This is a linocut print with 5 colours on it, which means that I had to do 5 different blocks and, what is even harder, get to print them all!. The carving process requires planification, concentration and many hours of work, but I find it very satisfying! After that, printing all the layers takes a lot of time, and a bit of good luck to get the right colours on the first try, but when everything finally gets together it is worth it!

What do you love about printmaking?

Nowadays there is so many digital tools for artists that allows us to work faster and with lots of freedom, as well as of course, digital printing. In this context, making the choice of using techniques that are so slow and limited as engraving, has a new meaning and value.

Personally, this helps me to get involved with my work, and give the best of myself. I specially love linocut because is a technique that doesn’t look like any other painting, drawing or printing method, so is really unique. It has that “medieval/dark” feeling on it involved that fits so well with the narrative of my compositions.

Which print/artwork would you love to own?

I am not personally an big art collector, probably because I never had a proper job until a couple of years back (no money, no art!), and I move a lot, so I try not to own many things. But, I love collecting children books, so for me, the wildest thing I could imagine, is having a first edition the “The tale of Peter Rabbit”.




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