Mission Statement


Blackstack Studio aims to promote the use of printmaking as an accessible, unique and innovative art form in an environmentally sustainable studio. Blackstack Studio is amongst a growing number of green studios worldwide that use non-toxic materials and methods.

The studio provides both emerging and established artists with the opportunity to make and exhibit their work. It is a not for profit organisation and run by the members on a voluntary basis. One of our strengths is the diversity of background and skills of our members.  We encourage members to draw on their individual skills to promote, and find new ways to generate the necessary income to help maintain the studio.

Blackstack Studio endeavours to create and promote opportunities for art educational programmes,  outreach and community engagement projects.

We aim to collaborate with artists’ studios and arts organisations and to engage with the local, national and international art communities.  The studio also supports the much celebrated status of Kilkenny city as a place of culture and creativity.