Aiseling Noone

I have been developing my fine art practice in close relationship with contemporary art and the apparel industry. I employ certain skills from a previous career in the apparel industry.

The emphasis of my current body of work is an exploration of connecting the interdisciplinary nature of the skills between Fine Art and Craft and in this instance featuring pattern construction, making, sewing and printmaking.

I am investigating the language of expression combining pattern making traditional elements and skills in a different non-traditional way to create and manipulate shapes, form and image.

Constantly I keep referring back and utilizing a certain ‘body’ motif that connects me to an allegorical subject for an ongoing art practice.

This ’body’ motif is a medium of communication and addresses issues using the notion of the clothing trade with its many facets as a metaphor for suppression, domination, concerned mainly with human subjugation from a social and cultural context and in particular with female inequality.

Constantly I am exploring the concept of the preliminary block pattern construction being a memory of a body shape, taken from a flat two dimensional piece to a sculptural quality of transforming this history into a three dimensional form and connecting it to the ‘body’ motif.

The patchwork piece presented in printed tissue paper subverts the domestic role with an attempt to shift the notion of women’s craft and relate female histories through the ‘body’ motif.

I am interested in the notion of repeats, referring to manufacturing and consumption linking the function of sewing and the function of printmaking constantly seeking an effect through repetition and making.

The challenge is using these motifs and skills and enabling me an opportunity to explore and position a spectrum of work consisting of materiality and clothing trade references in a gallery context.  Yet examining the format to distance it from being too readily associated with a fashion product and shift the boundaries between fashion craft and art.

My art practice ranges from the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting, audio, video, photography, installation and materiality.

My current art practice employs the mechanism of printmaking, photography, pattern construction & garment making.

The art work concentrates on contemporary art making, utilizing my life experiences as an allegorical subject for an ongoing art practice.